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With over 25 years of experience, we have had the pleasure of helping countless Chicagoans with their heating and cooling needs. We truly pride ourselves on providing the highest quality service possible.


Our Team

Al Weininger
Al is the owner and founder of A & M. With more than 30 years experience in the HVAC industry, Al has developed many strong ties with local communities. Al continues today with the same philosophy he started his company with over 25 years ago: “Do the right thing for your customer, and you will have a customer for life.”


Marci Weininger 

Marci is co-owner of A & M, and you will find her in the office scheduling all of your heating cooling and refrigeration needs.


Unique and challenging solutions are not a problem

Due to our depth of experience, there is rarely a case or situation we haven’t seen before! Our courteous technicians bring a wealth of experience to every situation for a real difference in the quality of our work. We know what products will get the job done right for your exact need, as well as how to implement them quickly for maximum convenience.

Greetings from A&M Service Company. We hope that your family is well. Most of you have been our customers for decades and we want you to be as safe as possible during this crisis. We would like to introduce you to a product that helps stop the spread of coronaviruses in your home.

Steril-Aire is the unrivaled leader in the development of high performance UV-C solutions for air decontamination. Steril-Aire uses a UV-C germicidal emitter to disinfect air as it passes through your HVAC filtration system. Research shows it kills 99% of airborne viruses, including COVID-19, on their first pass through.

A&M Service is an authorized distributor of Steril-Aire.

Residential Units $995 Complete. Limited supply available.

From our home to yours, stay healthy.