Sterilize the Air in Your Home with Steril-Aire

We proudly install and service Steril-Aire air purification systems in residential and commercial buildings!

Steril-Aire is an industry leading manufacturer of High Energy UVC Germicidal systems. These HVAC mounted systems emit beams of energy through the air circulating throughout your home or office. Learn More about Steril-Aire.

These beams of energy significantly reduce the contaminates in your home by destroying pathogens like Viruses, Mold and Bacteria.

COVID-19. A New Normal?

Recent events have placed a major spotlight on contamination, cleanliness and risk mitigation. While Steril-Aire was already very popular, the need to maintain a clean and safe environment for your family has never been greater.

Few Reminders to Stay Safe!

Why Steril-Aire?

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