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Chicago Heating and Cooling Units

We proudly offer professional heating and cooling services to the Chicago area to help keep our customers comfortable year round. As a family owned company, we offer our customers only high quality and affordable heating and cooling services. We have the experience to address your heating or cooling needs quickly, accurately, and affordably.

Our HVAC Services

Our staff is trained and licensed to address residential and commercial HVAC projects of all types and sizes. Regardless of your heating or cooling need, we have you covered!

Chicago heating and furnace company

Heating and Furnaces

Our Chicago winters are mighty cold! We offer heating and furnace repair, installation, and replacement to the Chicago area. From the time-tested products we rely on, to our friendly and courteous technicians, we do everything we can to make your experience with us its absolute best. Whether your heater or furnace needs a repair, or something more, you can be sure you’re getting honest and expert advice from us at A&M Chicago Heating and Cooling. Learn more about our Chicago heating and furnace services.

Chicago air conditioning and cooling company

Air Conditioning and Cooling

Although beautiful and loads of fun, our Chicago summers can certainly bring the heat! We offer air conditioning and cooling repair, installation, and replacement services to the Chicago area. Our expert HVAC technicians can quickly assess your air conditioning needs and provide an affordable solution to keep you and your loved ones comfortable all summer long. Read more about our Chicago air conditioning and cooling services.

Chicago HVAC repair company

HVAC Repairs

Is your furnace or boiler broken? Has your air conditioner stopped working? Either way, we can get you back up and running quickly! Give us a call at (847) 803-1333 and we can help you immediately.

Our HVAC technicians quickly assess issues when things are broken or malfunctioning, and find lasting solutions to fit your exact needs. If you have an issue, why wait and risk being uncomfortable in your own home? We have affordable options to keep you and your loved ones comfortable year round.

If you are hearing any odd noises or vibrations coming from your heating or cooling units, please contact us right away for a consultation and estimate.

Chicago commercial HVAC company

Commercial HVAC Services

We also support and service Chicago’s businesses by providing them with top-notch commercial HVAC services. While limiting downtime, we cost effectively repair, replace, install, or maintain commercial heating, cooling, and refrigeration equipment. We pride ourselves on our ability to decrease fuel and energy consumption for our customers for long lasting value. Learn more about our Chicago commercial HVAC services.

Chicago heating and furnace company


With each application being unique it’s important to have a partner you can trust. We have been installing refrigeration systems for decades and our team is extremely knowledgeable in important best practices and codes. Have a upcoming project and want us to weigh in?. Learn more about our Refrigeration services.

Servicing the Chicago Area

We provide heating and cooling repair and other services to Chicago and it's surrounding suburbs. Located in Des Plaines, IL, we are also in close proximity to the North and West Chicago suburbs.

No matter if you need our help in Chicago, Schaumburg, or Evanston, we are there for you. Outside of the Chicagoland area? Give us a call to determine if we can help.

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